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ABOUT Brianna Wall & Creative Cues

I'm Brianna Wall, wife to Corey, mom to Bryson, friend to many and a nationally-certified and award-winning communicator since 2010. I'm a proud resident of Moore, Oklahoma, where I am able to find many opportunities to share the talents that God has so graciously given me. Creative Cues is an extension of my passion to serve by sharing what I know. This blog and podcast allow me space to put into words the ideas and resources that have helped me become a better designer, writer and communicator over the years. On the Creative Cues podcast, I'll feature friends and peers who have inspired me, all in my mission to help us create time for what matters most. I truly believe when we employ the resources available to us, we will spend less time worrying about projects at work, and more time doing the things we love, with the ones we love.

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